Become a Consignor

Follow the steps below to consign with Kids Market, Inc.
1. Register

To register, email Jessica at
Include your name, address and phone number in your email.

Jessica will assign a seller number to you. This will be your seller number for any Kids Market, Inc. sale forward.

The deadline to register as a consignor is 5:00pm the Wednesday prior to the sale.

You will receive 66% of all your sales while the other 34% covers the [minimal] overhead expenses of the sale AND goes to local nonprofits to benefit families right here in Kosciusko county!

To ensure email delivery to your inbox, please add and to your address book or your safe list.

2. Decide what to Sell

We accept quality items that have to do with children or maternity.
Only gently-used, like-new items will be accepted.


Games & Books
(appropriate for up to age 14)

Children’s movies
-G/PG ratings-
(must be in cases) burnt or homemade, not accepted

Video/computer games
-EC/E/E10 ratings-
(must be in cases) burnt or homemade, not accepted

Children’s CD’s
(must be in cases) burnt or homemade, not accepted





High chairs

Diaper bags

Boppy pillows

Bassinets & pack n’ plays (must set up fully at receiving)

Nursery/kid room furniture
& accessories

Children’s clothing
(size newborn up to boys/girls size 16)

Teen clothing (see details below)

Children’s shoes and socks
(through adult sizes)

Maternity clothing
(MUST be maternity items not larger-sized clothing)

Breast pumps
(please remove the replaceable tubing)


Clothes with tears, stains,
smells or too much “wear”

Outdated items

(due to extensive safety regulations)

Banned items: padded crib bumpers, inclined sleepers

Creams, lotions or any bottled items that are not sealed

Used bottle nipples, pacifiers,
or sippy cups

Media items without proper packaging
or burnt/homemade (covers, cases, etc.)

Any used underwear or women’s undergarments

Stuffed animals or soft dolls
(due to health concerns)

Car seats older than 5 yrs

Car seats that have been in an accident


We are now accepting limited TEEN clothing that must be school appropriate. Consignors may bring up to 10 items per gender. Due to the limited space, we will stop receiving items once the space is full. Please note that the tags should be marked with TEEN and the size of the item (XS, 13, 30×32, etc.)
Clothing that is not Teen or Maternity should be marked with number sizes through 16.


Clothing items must be appropriate for the season of the sale. Due to the large amount of items at the sale, we strongly encourage our consignors to bring items appropriate for the season of the sale. Bring things you would use in the fall and winter to the Fall sale and bring things you would use in the spring and summer to our Spring sale.


turtleneck tops

winter coats, snow pants, gloves, etc.

winter boots

fleece pj’s


fall/winter holiday outfits


tank tops


(athletic shorts are acceptable)


Easter/4th of July outfits or decor

Please check over your items before bringing them in. We check thousands of items in a short amount of time, but our shoppers and you as a consignor expect high quality items. Items with blemishes, tears or smells, or outdated items compromise the integrity of our sale and your success as a consignor.

3. Prepare


The price placed upon an item is totally up to you, the consignor. Your items will sell better if marked appropriately.  As a guide, items should not be priced higher than 1/3 the price you paid for them. Imagine what you would be willing to pay if you were the shopper.
Please remember to use prices in $0.50 increments!
($0.50, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, etc.)


All items must be tagged and prepared according to the following instructions:

Detailed Paper Tag: This type of tag is made from the Tag Template. Access the template by clicking on the image below. Follow the instructions below on how to prepare this tag.

Optional Masking Tape Tag: This type of tag is simply a piece of masking tape with your seller number on it. This tag is placed on each item somewhere other than on the detailed tag (preferably near the size tags of the garment in the neckline or waistline). DO NOT PLACE THIS TAG ON THE DETAILED PAPER TAG. This tape tag is optional BUT is for your protection should an item lose its tag.



You will need to write your seller number in the space provided in the upper left hand corner of the tag template. You keep your seller number from year to year. If you had a seller number last sale, please use the same number. If you need a seller number, please refer to the the top of this page for registration instructions.


Mark children’s clothes with a number size. Do NOT use S, M, L, XL or waist sizes. Please estimate number size if necessary. For maternity brand items, DO use S, M, L, XL. Small (0-6), Medium (8-12), Large (14-18), XL (20+).


Prices must be in FIFTY CENT INCREMENTS. If an item does not have a price on it, a fair price will be put on it. In order to sell your items, remember that people are shopping for good deals on quality items.


Describe each item in the space provided. Be very descriptive and use name brand if it applies (i.e. Navy Osh Kosh boy shirt with sailboats). Please specify gender on ALL clothing and shoe items. ONLY newborn items up to 6 mo. may be marked unisex by circling both boy and girl on the tag.


If an item doesn’t sell, do you want it back? If you answer is no, you must copy or print your tag template onto yellow paper – the brighter the better. This will designate that item for donation. If you use a white tag and your items are not picked up by 6pm, they will be donated to local charities.


Please write clearly and neatly. Your profits depend on the legibility of your tags.


For larger items, please label each piece when there are multiple pieces included that are difficult to attach together. For example, on the main tag note the item includes 3 pieces; then with masking tape label each individual piece as “1 of 3”, “2 of 3”, “3 of 3”.
It is also recommended that the seller number be noted on each tag.


Attach tag with a safety pin onto the right side of the garment when looking at it. NO straight pins or staples are allowed due to safety concerns.


Click on the tabs below to see specific instructions for preparing different items for the sale.


All clothing items must be on a METAL hanger, facing left when looking at the garment, like a question mark. Even small clothing items such as onesies and gowns sell better when pinned to a hanger.

Plastic hangers will not fit on most of our clothing racks, so they will NOT be accepted. Please pin pants to the top half of the hanger so both sides of the pants are viewable. Do NOT fold pants over as they will fall off the hanger. Pants hung on the bottom part of the hanger slide around and are not visible when hung on the racks. Also, please use safety pins to secure any items that do not hang snugly on the hanger.


Prepare maternity items in the same manner as hanging items. Maternity pants should be pinned to the top of a metal hanger with two large safety pins. Place the tag according to the instructions above. If you don’t want your maternity clothes back, please use a yellow tag and they will donated at the end of the sale.


For small items, other than clothing, or if you want to bunch several items, please put them together in a Ziploc bag (i.e. 5 pair of socks, matching gloves, hat and scarf, small toys, etc.). Please secure the tag to the outside of the bag with a strip of clear packing tape. If a toy is small enough to fit in a quart-size bag, please put it in a bag. Please put crib sheets, baby towels, washcloths, and receiving blankets in a bag also. Seal bags of small items with clear packing tape.


For large items, attach tag, using a strip of clear packing tape, to a highly visible area (i.e. on the bike seat, on the headboard of a baby bed, etc.). If the tag can be pinned, please use a safety pin (i.e. on a stroller).

If the item requires batteries, they must be included and in working order.

Please also use a masking tape tag for all large items, and for each piece if multiple pieces exist (i.e. pack & play or stroller – 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3).


Books sell best individually so shoppers may look through them. Carefully tape your tag to the back of the book. Sets of books are more easily displayed on the shelves if they are tied together with lightweight string; please wrap the string in both directions so books do not slip out.  


All media items must be in a case or cover and must be tagged separately. Items without covers or cases will not be put in the sale. Do not group media items together. Kids Market sales are geared toward children up through approximately age 14; therefore, media items must be child/family friendly. Movies with ratings of G and PG that are intended for children (not teens/adults) are accepted. Video/computer games need a rating of EC, E and E10.

Please double check your cases to make sure the correct item is inside.


Only shoes adult size 8 or smaller in excellent condition are accepted – no “play” shoes, please. For children’s shoes, put a piece of masking tape with the seller number on the inside bottom of EACH shoe and attach the shoes together with string, zip-tie, safety pin, etc. – whatever keeps them together. Some zip ties and string will be available at Drop-Off. Secure your tag onto the string with a strip of clear packing tape or a safety pin or both. We have found that covering the entire tag with packing tape or using tags made on card stock makes shoe tags more secure. We will have card stock tags available at Drop-Off. The only shoes accepted in Ziploc bags are newborn booties.


If toys are battery operated, you MUST include batteries and make sure they and the toy are in working order. Secure extra small parts in Ziploc bags. Secure tags on the outside of the bags with a strip of clear packing tape. Also, seal bags of toys with clear packing tape.


Car Seat Agreement: If you are selling a car seat, you must fill out a car seat agreement at Drop-Off. No car seat will be sold that has been in a car accident or is more than 5 years old.

Please attach all car seat parts securely together. Somehow attach or tie car seat bases to the car seat so the sets stay together.

4. Consignor Check-in and Drop-off

Specific dates for the current sale are found on the home page.


Check-In times are Thursday, from 9:00 am-8:00 pm and Friday, from 8:00 am-11:00 am. Bring your items prepared for the sale according the directions above and your banking information for direct deposit to the Gordon Recreation Center, 100 Publishers Drive, Winona Lake, Indiana.

At that time you will sign your seller agreement, complete a direct deposit form (including your bank account number and routing number) and receive your pass to the Consignor Pre-Sale.

Your items will be inspected by our team while you wait. This is for your benefit in case items are tagged or hung incorrectly and need to be fixed. Depending on how many people are dropping items off at the same time, this process can take awhile so please prepare for that possibility. If you need to bring children with you, they must stay with you at all times.

Our schedule on Friday is VERY tight. We MUST close Check-In at 11:00 am. Please plan to arrive to check-in by 10:45 a.m.


Consignors may sort and search for unsold items on Saturday from 4:30-6PM. Items remaining after 6PM will be donated to local charities serving women and children in Kosciusko County.

You will receive your sale proceeds by direct deposit 7-10 business days after the sale.

5. Consignor Pre-Sale

Shop Early! In order to qualify for our Consignor Pre-Sale, you need to consign at least 15 items and have a direct deposit form on file. At Check-In you will be given 1 pass to the Consignor Pre-Sale held on Friday from 6 – 9 pm.

Only 1 person per pass will be admitted to the Pre-Sale. No one will be admitted to the sale without a pass. This includes children and other family members!

Please contact Jessica if you have any questions about this policy at

To ensure email delivery to your inbox, please add and to your address book or your safe list.